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Haltwhistle Gardening
& Landscaping Suppliers

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Here at Haltwhistle Garden & Landscaping Suppliers we offer a wide range of high quality horticultural products for gardening, building, hardware and homeware.

Additionally we can supply a premium  variety 
  of aggregates to complete your project or give your garden that final enhancement. 

Swipe through our gallery below to see our selection of our merchandise.

Ultra Fine Mesh
LED lights
Heart Shaped Fat Ball Feeder
Lawn Feed
Bird Feeder Fat Balls
Bird Feeder
Bucket Trowel
Spring Door Stop
Spring Door Stop
Metre Box Key
Radiator Key
Wild Bird Seed
Flower Cones
Garden Bags
Plastic Pots
Plastic Pots
Kneeler Stool
Permatex Ground Cover
Plastic Pots
Plastic Pots
Large Bubble Insulation
Hozelock Tap Connector (Threaded)
4 Hozelock Ceramic Watering Cones
Hozelock Sprinkler
Alpine Horticultural Grit
Plum Slate Decorative Stone
White Spar Decorative Stone
Red Flame Decorative Stone
Miracle-Gro Compost Maker 3.5kg
Miracle-Gro Lime - Natural Soil Improver 3.5kg
1kg Miracle Gro Lawn Feed
Miracle-Gro Bone Meal Root Builder
Miracle-Gro Autumn & Spring Lawn Food
Miracle-Gro Growmore Plant Food
Growmore Garden Plant Food
Miracle Gro Moisture Control
Rose & Shrub Food 1kg
Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Foo
Miracle-Gro Liquid Plant Food
Miracle-Gro Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron Food 1kg
2KG Miracle Gro Lawn Feed
Bug Clear Ultra
Natural Rooting Powder
Bug Clear Fruit & Veg
Rose Clear Ultra Concentrate
Rose Clear Ultra - Spray
Bulb Starter with Rootgrow
Potato & Vegetable Fertiliser 1kg
Path & Patio Weed Killer
Tree Shrub Planting Feed
Vitax Clematis Feed
Vermiculite - Additive for Compost
All in one Feed Weed & Moss Killer
6X Fertiliser
Lawn Feed, Weed & moss killer
Dried Blood
Jeyes BBQ & Oven Cleaner 750ml
Provanto Bug Killer
No More Fouling - Cat & Dog Deterrent
Slug Rid
Growmore Complete Garden Feed
Liquid Seaweed
Rose Feed
Multi purpose feed
Bug Clear Ultra Gun
Tomorite 3L
Baby Bio Plant Feed
WeedOut Concentrate Weed Killer 1L
Grey Flower Pots
Cream Flower Pots
Bronze Plant Pots
Galvanised Incinerator Bin
Black Plastic Como Trough 44cm
Terracotta Plastic Display Bowl 40cm
Black Plastic Trug with Handle 21.5x36.8cm
Black Plastic Verona Planter 43cm
Green & Terracotta Plastic Verona Planters 43cm
Terracotta Plastic Greek Bell Planter 40cm
Hanging Basket Coco Liners
Gold Plastic Greek Bell Planter 40cm
Silver Plastic Greek Bell Planter 40cm
Speckled plant pots
Copper Plastic Barrel Planter 40cm
Bucket 3 gallon with handle
Various Stewart Pots and saucers
42L Large Black Tub
Watering Can
Watering Can
Duck shaped watering can
Galvanised Watering Can
Fishing Nets
John Innes No.3 Plant Compost 35L
John Innes No.2 Potting Compost 35L
Growburst Compost for Pots & Baskets 50L
PEAT FREE All Purpose Compost 50L
60L multi purpose
50L Bark
Giant Deep Fill Tomato Planter
60L Gro+ Seaweed
60L Container & Basket
50L Farmyard Manure
60L Multi Purpose + John Innes
Ericaceous Compost
Professional Compost
Blood, Fish & Bone Plant Feed
Miracle Gro Peat Free Bulb Fibre
Johnsons Lawn Seed
6X odourless Chicken Pellets
Woodside Minichip Bark
Ronseal One Coat Fence Life 12L
Ronseal One Coat Fence Life 1L
Ronseal Fence Life Medium Oak
Garden Shades Coastal Mist
Garden Shades Seagrass
Garden Shades Fresh Rosemary
Garden Shades Willow
Cuprinol Paint Urban Slate
Ronseal Garden Paint White Ash
Ronseal Garden Paint Sage
Horticultural Potting Grit
Horticultural Coarse Grit
Garden Mesh
Pea and Bean Nets
Fruit Cage Net
PVC Coated Wire Netting
Patio Magic
Cuprinol Shed & Fence Protector
Rose Roofing Shed Felt
Galvanised Clothes Post - Galvenised Clothes Post - 2.4m x 45mm
Support Canes
S Hooks
Hilka All Steel Hand Axe
Paragon Spade
Extendable Trellis
Wilkinson Sword Hand Trowel
Wilkinson Sword Hand Fork
Greenhouse Repair Kit
Bamboo Garden Canes
Plant Rings
Fiskars Sheers
Hanging Basket Bracket
Trigger Picker
Extendable Fly Swatters
Hozelock Hose Connector Plus
Assembled Hose Reel Starter
Hozelock Watering Starter Set
Hozelock Multi Spray
Multi Tap Connector
Hose Roundtap connector
Hozelock Plus Hose Nozzle
Hozelock O-Ring Kit
Hoselock Hose Nozzle & Waterstop connect
Hozelock Hose Repair Connector
Hozelock Hose End Connector
Hozelock Threaded Tap Connector
5L Hozelock Sprayer
Netting Staples 15mm
Instant Barbecue
Energy Firelighters 33% Extra Free
Bicarbonate of Soda 500g
Block Paving Eco-Cleaner - 2pack
Kidney Shaped Kneeling
Bio-Based Growing Tray
Joint-It Ready-Mixed Mortar - Various colours
Golden Gravel
Buff Stone
Top Soil
O'Keefes Hand/Skin Relief
Citronella Candle
Citronella Candle
Cotton Grip Gloves
Play Pit Sand
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Portland Cement
Hanson SandCement Mortar
Hanson MultiPurpose Concrete
PostFix concrete
Board Finish
General Purpose Cement
Mastercrete Cement
Hammerite Metal Protection
Hammerite Metal Paint
Nitro Mors Paint & Varnish Remover
SupaDec Spray Paint
Everbuild 200 LMA Silicone Sealant
Expanding Foam
380ml Polyfilla
Pink Grip
Gator Glue
Gorilla Glue Clear
Everbuild Optimix
EuroScrim tape
General Purpose Assorted Sandpaper
NX Wall & Floor Tile Grout
UniBond Floor Tile Grout
Joint-It Ready-Mixed Mortar - Various colours
Tri-circle 50mm padlock
XR Bucket Screws
Tech Screws
Concrete Placer
Red & Brown Wall Plugs
Caulking Gun
FFP3 Valved Moulded Respirator
Retractable Trimming Knife
Treated Timber
Black Gloves
Yellow/Orange Gloves
Buff Flag Stones
Pin Kerbs
OSB Boards
Triple Action Wood Treatment
Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloth
Latex Gloves
20pk Face Masks
Snow shovel
Spear & Jackson Shovel
All Steel Tapered Shovel
Sand Bags
Brasso Polish
Rentokil Flying Insect Killer
Rentokil Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Po
Slow Cooker Liners
Viro Tech Mini
Rentokil Fly Killer Strips
Plenty Kitchen Roll
Cushelle Toilet Rolls
One Shot Instant Drain Cleaner
Silentnight Thermoelectric Dehumidifier
Hand Scrub Brush
Assortment of Paint Brushes
Emulsion Roll & Tray Set





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